face-and-binary-codeReinventing Education

As technology advances our educational processes must also change and evolve, to not only advance with them, but to avoid obsolescence.

Information technology is a very wide topic on its own and it basically extends to almost all parts of everyday life. When we talk about information technology in education and learning, people often think it’s about using tablets and laptops to learn. Information technology in education and learning goes way beyond that. We are in a new era, an era of great technological advancement where people from far and wide, young and old are beginning to warm up to the idea of technology in education...

Most universities and high schools have affiliated themselves with some form of e-learning and one of the most popular or most frequently used ones is the virtual learning. Campuses now have online classes. This has a big hand in distance learning and makes it possible for people in remote or far areas to still get the best resources. This involves online and offline exams. Resources are available online and classes are held live or through online interaction.*

This technological education is not only gaining popularity, but also changing how we learn... new information used to come at a slower pace, but today with the help of the internet and technology, we are able to gain new insights and change faster than ever before.  The only way to keep up or gain cutting edge information and skill, is to accept and utilize this new technology.

The way it exponentially increases your education is in the combination of all learning modes entwined so as to fully reach all individuals and at their level as well as informational processing attributes... (we are all different and learn differently.  Some learn visually, others verbally or through auditory attributes; by combining all in one interactive process, you gain the benefits of all which exponentially increases tour retention, critical thinking and responsiveness).

Also the curriculum must be alive as if it is not constantly advancing, it is regressing with the passage of time in an aging paradigm.  The only way to keep up is to have the educational process online and streaming as once you create a film it is already old information.  It may still be a base information or as a comparative of progression for new findings and directions.  

Kyusho is no different and why we have dedicated 9 years in the development of the pinnacle in online education... it combines all the learning mechanisms so that each person can learn to their fullest potential and with the personal attention we all need to gain the most.  As you are enveloped in an Audio, Visual, Intellectual as well as Textual learning environment we add dynamic interaction of discussion to stay on track and keep up to date with daily feedback and new information... this is the amazing power of the internet and Education Reinvented.  Now when you go to physical class you are primed and ready to test and refine your new information to gain the real skill and advance the momentum.



AT the end of the film... I discuss the upcoming winter weather, flu and holiday season as these typically take people out of regular training.  This is due to harsh weather, illness or just to many time obligations.  Also consider if this current Ebola contain is real or spreads, even if it is not the perceived idea will keep people from attending classes, especially contact training.  To maintain at least your education from being interrupted, this is the perfect tool to maintain your Martial Arts activity.  

Yes I know it seems a bit commercial, but I want you to realize the full potentials of this unique educational tool you have available...and show you how to access them.

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