We should never "Teach" Kyusho, we should practice it.

- Evan Pantazi

As we know Kyusho enhances any Martial Art or Style, giving you greater efficiency, power and affect.  It also gives you greater purpose and potential for your style, however it is difficult to teach.  In fact when you try to teach it you can loose many students or members because as fascinating and powerful it is, many people are not prepared for that level of depth or intensity in their practice (or hobby).

For many that teach conventional Martial Arts, they shy away from Kyusho for many reasons,but the few that try have found it a difficult path.  As Kyusho was never meant to be taught to the masses, as it is far too intense and the manner in which you train resists "Teaching".

Kyusho involves a give and take, not just professing, showing or explaining the process. It must be trained as that give and take is the ultimate education as well as safety mechanism.

However their is a correct way to work the Kyusho in your style (actually putting your style in your Kyusho), so that you retain and gain more members or students.  The primary issue is keeping it special, as it is a very special knowledge... teaching it in regular classes will alienate your students and will be seen as "Regular",typical or normal... and it is far beyond that.

We have seen those that restrict their practices in practice times in accordance with a unique approach and program, grow in numbers and interest.  Those that begin to profess or try to teach, find that their base will fall away.  Those that begin to teach seminars, gain many at first from the intrigue and "Special" information, find that their fame and or following soon leaves as they did not adhere to the strict protocols that Kyusho demands.  Call it Karma, or the reverence for the Arts that must be maintained, those that understand and work to help others also grow correctly.  Kyusho must be held and practiced with the respect of the Masters that came before as well as the history that it embodies this unique and exclusive system of knowledge.

We have painstakenly refined that system with the strict protocols, respect and discipline that is deserving of our Elders.

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