Cloud Dragon

This name is for a specific posture from one of the oldest family Karate styles, Kojo-ryu.  This style was reportedly established in 1392 with origin in China.

They were part of a transition of Chinese that came to the Ryukyu's named “Kume 36 families”. The creator of Kojo-ryu, was Sai Jo and migrated from the Fujian Province of China.

Many great Masters had studied under Kojo Ryu including Kanbun Uechi on his travels to China and even the famous Gichin Funakoshi.


The posture of the "Cloud Dragon" appears in many Kata of many styles of Naha, Shuri and Tomari.

We use this posture from Seiuchin 制引戦, that has long been translated by many styles to mean pulling or tearing.  With the focus on Seuichin as a Blood Kata or in other words a Kata that maps the blood system of the body as well as methods to Attack The Blood Systems we take this time to share one such attack.


A Kata unto itself

This posture is referred to by the family as a Kata (型 or 形 literally: "form").  Many in modern times hold the belief that a Kata is a longer transitional pattern moving from posture to posture and is a true meaning.  However each "Posture" was also called a form or "Kata" as they contained a story of action within each... not simply a set pose for camera (where the idea may have originally been derived from).

These postures were the ending of a dynamic action that was developed in combative need and deep understanding of the human anatomy and physiology... as well as a way to kill or incapacitate the opponent.


This Presentation

Is not to show you how to kill an opponent and is only a intermediate method of instruction in attacking the blood systems of the body, inherent in the Blood Kata Seiuchin.

This is far beyond the typical block and strike mentality and depth of instruction commonly taught in Karate.  This is what Kyusho (the vital point), of Karate is... understanding the human condition and body to gain the advantage. Forged from millennia of battlefield experience,observation and use....long lost to the west but currently resurfacing....


Welcome to the Kyusho Revolution



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