Tai Sabaki

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Refers to whole body movement, or repositioning for advantage in combative action.  It is a term used widely in and very important in all Martial Arts styles typically used to avoid an attack, such that the opponent is placed in a less advantageous position.  This is not for evasion, but rather to gain advantage.

Tai Sabaki for Kyusho

It is very different for Kyusho, in fact it is vital to making Kyusho actually work in a combative situation.

The old conventional methods of moving offline or reward as you deploy a block or attack actually mutes the possibility of Kyusho targets being utilized fully or with the full potency.  This is because as you move to the side or rear, your brain must send neuro messaging to your legs or body to first enact the action, stabilize that action and then begin a new offensive action.  That is at minimum two full body actions that need your brain and nerve stimulation away from attacking actions and more penetrating Kyusho Targeting.

In Kyusho your forward Kime on a target or targets is what makes the Kyusho gain maximum affect.



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