Kick Ass Kyusho

March 17 - 19, 2017

Salzburg, Austria

This year we will be training Kyusho in a highly mobile, spontaneous and tactical method the contributed to my being kicked out of DKI.

It posed a dilemma for the status quo training of the old days with a dynamic and new training (that actually contained rigors target application training under stress and demand).  This innovation was first accepted and then denied as it posed this challenge...and was a contributing factor from my removal from the group.

Alas we continue to be the most innovative and practical Kyusho program in the world... and after 20 years in private practice,we are making it public at this event.

Join in with other Martial Artists of many Countries and styles as you train Kyusho and Cross Train your Martial Skills.

Come join us and raise your skills after only these two days of training!

For all the information and registration go to this webpage:



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