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Many people train only in the dojo or training hall in training clothes and with set technique... however this leaves them vulnerable as they do not understand the limitations of techniques, clothing, environment, weather, traffic, etc and if faced with it will be at a loss. We must work the realities in the real environments to be more assured in their success.

Beyond working in more realistic settings and dynamics as well as dress and shoes, we must work peripherally without normalcy bias and with situational awareness. These can be learned and trained minimally in a sterile training hall, but to develop the awareness fully, it must be in situations that are real.

We need to understand the ground, is it slippery, loose, hot, rocky, or uneven as our footing and strategies must handle this along with footwear. And this isn't just a female thing as more and more men are wearing loose clogs, flip flops, sandals or leather souls.

Are there walls, curbs, cars, bushes, fences, trees a body of water or any environmental landscape issues you may not be familiar with? You must train outside to actually be prepared for environmental issues... it is far more important than training in the Dojo or training hall.

As you train you should always be practicing situational awareness as well. Are there people around, are they watching you, are there cars going by, people approaching... these are all critical factors and proper reality training.

What are your responses are they technique for specific attack, random target acquisition?

Do you work 2D or 3D or 5D?

Suggestion; do not work with techniques that have limited scope and function, work with targets and tool... and you will see an infinite accessibility and possibility.

How to Be Street Smart

You can learn how to be book smart in school, but even someone with an Ivy League education can still be street foolish. No one learns how to navigate a dangerous neighborhood in the safety of a classroom. Likewise, you won't become street savvy while sitting at a computer and reading an article, but these guidelines are a good start. Note that these tips assume you're in a bad neighborhood where crime is commonplace; applying these steps in the workplace or on a college campus is probably excessive.

1. Know the neighborhood. Nothing places a bullseye on your head in a bad neighborhood like looking....

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