Brainwave Synchronization

Improves Physical and Mental Health

The brain contains millions of specialized cells called neurons. When neurons send signals to each other, electrical energy is created that can be measured on the scalp with the use of a special voltmeter called an electroencephalogram (EEG).

Brainwave oscillations were first measured by Richard Caton in studies with animals and published in 1875 in the British Medical Journal. Since that time, other researchers have discovered that intentional brainwave synchronization is possible: People can induce a particular brainwave frequency for improving mental and physical health... as well as cause dysfunction.

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In several past articles on the Bubishi, a little known or understood facet is "Body Change" or 'Attributes".  Also involved in this process is the mind as we need to synchronize them (many times considered intent).  In thissmall filmclip of a brainwave session in 2012, we made the connection needed in both the protective and healing methods.

Many people desire to become more effective in controlling their state of mind. The mind and body are not really separate but are two facets of our total being. Our thoughts and emotions effect our bodily functions and can promote either disease or health. Likewise, the condition of our body can greatly influence our state of mind. Brainwave synchronization greatly improves your Kyusho abilities by quickly tuning the mind to an appropriate brainwave frequency for protection and healing... with the side benefits of deeper sleep, stress reduction, emotional healing, and overall improvement in physical and mental health.

Kyusho Brainwave testing with Gary Rooks and Evan Pantazi... it ain't pressure points.


When you want to gain more advanced real skill in Kyusho by using science as opposed to an incorrect paradigm (Pressure Points) we are here to help you.

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