Vital Points of Chudan (Middle Row) and Spots to be attacked

This target is commonly, but erroneously called the "Solar Plexus". And a moderate to heavy blow on this target will cause loss of breath, as most Martial Artists have already experienced. However there are multiple trajectories that can affect this same target very differently.

Attacking this target is noted by Hohan Soken as being a Fatal Target, which is evident init's lesser symptoms. For those that have gotten struck well there can attest, there is massive pain and even fear that is overwhelming . This fear is the bodies natural understanding that mortal injury could have occurred. This would not be an immediate death blow and could take several hours to days to conclude... and as such this is one target that we can directly link to the term "Delayed Death Touch".

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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