For over two decades Kyusho Health & Wellness recipes have been helping people around the world deal with many related issues.

Since the program was released, thousands of minor health issues like; headaches,  sore throats, back aches and numerous other ailments have been successfully applied to people from over 70 countries.  Even more serious issues such as carpal tunnel, TMJ,  seizures and even more debilitating issues have been resolved.

Well here is a new success story just completed (we could all use good news these days);

A woman came into my office with severe rashes that she has had for two years and that had escalated to cover her entire body, with such dryness that open lesions also covered her body.  She had been to numerous Doctors, clinics and had taken many medications with no relief.  This in turn caused insomnia and discomfort, lack of focus and so many side issues that accompany constant irritation and itching.

After just one Kyusho therapy session and over 3 days, she stopped itching, the rashes in many parts lessened and some disappeared altogether.  The insomnia was gone the first night as was most of the discomfort and anxiety that was caused by the irritation.  She even had relief from digestive and breathing issues, again all from the first treatment... Kyusho works quickly because it deals with the nerves of the body (which in turn control many life functions and conditions), but wow that was really FAST.

A vital point to remember.. don't mask your issues, release them at the source.