Most People in the Martial Arts target the clavicle as a viable target to incapacitate their opponent.  But it is to break the collarbone and render the arm inoperable.

But there is a better way that does not need the power needed for a bone break, yet incapacitates the full body (not just the arm).

Not only do you affect the blood vessels, you also affect the Brachial Plexus of nerves in the same area, making this target highly efficient, yet with potential danger for the opponent.

We first studied the anatomy, then verified the probabilities with Doctors, then we work on experimentation and record the affects.  Many times with this in depth research and field testing, we can project the outcome and predictability.

Now this is something that most Martial Artists never consider and fewer if any actually carry out. How many instructors that teach their students how to break someones collar bone have actually done it?  Then if there are any... how many times do they practice it?  Have they practiced it on male and female students, large and small, highly muscled and those more frail and or normal in size?

Yes you guessed it, none (and if there is one, they have no students left to practice on).

Well Kyusho (Kyusho International), is far different as we do practice the targets we teach and get to refine the method as well as fully understand if it will work or not, who it will work on, the dynamics of spontaneous and dynamic freestyle targeting with increasing difficulty (more seasoned training partners) and ever increasing urgency.

Let's take the Collar Bone Area as example.

First we studied, researched and consulted with our affiliated Medical Professionals ... we believe this is ethical practice and to assure safety for our practitioners.  This one target was studied for 5 years beginning with the research, cadaver study, consultation and then field practice. Waht we found was astounding, powerful, reliable and yes even challenging.

An interesting phenomena in the study of Vascular Medicine (for this target in particular), is that it illustrates the beauty of human anatomy, every blood vessel as example, must be in its place for the blood to flow in the correct and sufficient direction/s when pumped by the heart.  Any disturbance in this delicate system can lead to many conditions that vary in its severity.  As an example; an Artirovenous fistula (a permanent connection between artery and vein) due to a malformation or an injury can cause heart failure if not corrected properly.

So how does this cause unconsciousness...

For more detailed and expanded information, with an actual Video of an attack and the affects on this target - Click Here for the Extended Blog on the Bronze Level Subscription.

Caution this can be very dangerous if you are not aware of what is occurring and how to correct it.

Excerpt from the upcoming release on the Seiunchin Blood Attack film



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