New and more advanced Kyusho training program

brings the harder fighting aspects to Kyusho.

This program was originally used privately for Kyusho instructors, to insure they could use Kyusho realistically as well as dispel the comments by non practitioners, that we only hit standing targets.  Now we move to advance the art into the era and intensity... but safely and realistically as common sense demands.

These training gloves are custom made to Kyusho's needs (from experience), for intense training sessions where controlled impact is difficult or not possible.  Constructed with soft neoprene, these fingerless gloves also contain special inserts for maximum protection while still retaining the feel of striking the human anatomy.

Regular sparring gloves fall short as they do not provide the feel of hitting the human anatomy like these gloves do, these are as close to bare hands as you can get all while providing the safety you need.

The gloves are perfect for all open and closed Kyusho applications from striking, to seizing, to the use of the 6 Ji hands as well as allowing energetic transfer needed to make Kyusho work.

The short length also allows your partner access to Kyusho points on the wrist for grappling, seizing and fighting in a comfortable constructed way so you can wear them for hours without irritation... perfect for training sessions and special courses.

There is no loss of tactile qualities, only increased intent capabilities... get real:

Practitioners:  Step up your skills without the fear of hurting your partners, keep them in your bag for your training sessions... your intent will increase as your fear of hurting your partner is eliminated.

Training Partners:  Or buy 2 pairs so you are assured that your partner always has a set as well as you (hurts less that way), increase the challenge of your training sessions and the reality levels to become a true Kyusho Fighter.

Training Groups:  As a group leader you train with your group, help everyone increase their skills safely... get a pair for all members so you can all work correctly and intensely so they feel stronger and more confident.  Each person should have their own for hygienic reasons as well as not having to constantly stop to switch gloves... everyone can work together better without interruption.

Instructors:  With your larger groups you can really advance the intensity of your classes or seminars, so your students can be their best.  Increase the efficiency of your class or seminar time as each person has their own set of gloves to work non stop... increasing their cardiovascular health and stamina as well.