Recently Kyusho Internationals Vice President and Senior Master Instructor Gary Rooks, received a great compliment in the form of a letter of recommendation from Retired Staff Sargent Joshua Sherman.

Below is the image of the actual letter and the text for translation, but what was not included was the comments made to Gary by the Sargent personally.

It seems that a past time of some Marines was to watch our Kyusho demonstrations on YouTube and then experiment on each other.  They all loved it and had a blast while learning (the hard way) that Kyusho is real, it is effective and for many preferred.

Maybe it is what inspired this YouTube classic:





Here is what the letter stated for translations (Below see the image):


July 30, 2015
Re: Gary Rooks

To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Gary Rooks now for over 10 Years. During this time of which I have had the pleasure and inspiration by watching him demonstrate his Kyusho to the point of even trying to get it integrated into the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

Throughout My Marine Corps career I have been all over the world, to include Falluja Iraq and other countries. My last billet served was as a Drill Instructor for Marine Corp Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carlina. During which I have trained many recruits and kids to become United States Marines.

During my tour in the Marine Corps for 13 years I realized that our martial arts program provided only the basics needed for hand to hand combat. It is true that every Marine is a Marksman, however as given in recent years, such as the battle of Najaf we encounter the first hand to hand combat since the Vietnam War. When walking into a fight such as that you cannot really rely on weapons but on training that was provided you to survive. In cases of this instance it is pivotal to have the necessary training that was provided to you to survive. In cases of this instance it is pivotal to have the necessary training and muscle memory to not only to defend yourself but to be triumphant.

Through the Martial Arts program provided by the Marine Corps we had extensive training on body manipulations as well as techniques to end the fight quick and efficiently. This training provided is very inadequate given the training that Kyusho has been able to provide. It is a more efficient and offers a quicker approach to defending yourself and at the same time stopping the aggressor. I have seen many displays of the accuracy and efficiency of this style. Also I have also been the one practiced on and from that one display I can tell you without a doubt that it is 100% real and can drop even the biggest aggressor. As the demonstration had done to me as I lay on the floor, six feet, 4 inches, 230 lbs and a combat vet. This really puts things into perspective when you use the training you were provided by the Marine Corps and realize it is inadequate for today's world.

In closing, I have been through over hundreds of hours of martial arts training and remediation. The items that I have learned in a short time working with Gary Rooks is something I feel in more adequate to address today's world and ever changing society. If it comes down to whether you go home or the other guy, you are most likely going home if you had Kyusho training. I hope this has provided a new light for you to view this style of martial arts.

If you have any further questions or would like meto elaborate please feel free to contact me at
x xxx xxx xxxx


Joshua Sherman

Staff Sargeant Joshua Sherman (Retired)




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