Neuromuscular-Rehabilitation1Neuromuscular Education

100% of people will experience nueromuscular pain at some point in their lives.

As a Martial Artist or Fitness Fanatic, chances are good that you either have experienced or are experiencing pain or have suffered from it in the past.

Let's take Back pain as an example, it is the leading cause of disability worldwide, it costs the U.S. alone over $50 billion each year in hospital bills, medications, and lost wages due to missed work.  The majority of people who experience back pain do so because of the way that they habitually use their bodies—the way that they stand and move, each and every day.

Over the course of our lifetimes, we develop learned muscular patterns that determine how we use our bodies. If we develop unnatural muscular patterns, as many of us do, we can experience muscle and joint pain and even do lasting damage to our joints and bones.

Most people could avoid discomfort, pain, and permanent damage if they knew how to retrain their learned muscular patterns with Somatic Education, a method of neuromuscular education or in most cases re-education.

How you do it

Basically it is using very slow, methodical exercises, to release chronic muscle contraction (Pain is due to tightening of muscles which in turn  apply nerve compression and skeletal mis-alignment, also causing nerve compression as well as many other issues) and retrain your learned patterns.  This can (and should) be practiced daily at home for a few to several minutes do retrain the muscles and support proper skeletal alignment.

Three of the best methods to counter this malady are Yoga, Ba Duan Jin and Sanchin.

Yoga - is the most intensive of the three exercises and of course the most thorough, however many people do not have the time (or not willing to allot it), to spend or this system.

Ba Duan Jin - is a full nueromuscular and skeletal alignment method that takes 10 - 15 minutes daily to accomplish the exercise and healing process.

Sanchin - again is a full nueromuscular and skeletal alignment method that takes 1 minute to accomplish (please note proper full muscle control of all muscle groups and joints must be learned, choose the style of Sanchin that will utilize it).  And of course this exercise should be practiced periodically through the day for maximum benefit for the individual.


Frequency and consistency is the key folks, you must do this daily to offset the daily poor postural or habitual movement patterns (Think chronic back pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder, knee, feet and neck pain).

Is this Kyusho???

Oh yes it is from the reverse engineering standpoint, it instructs the Kyusho practitioner on the aspects of pain, compression, imbalance, joint positioning, postural positioning and much more.

If you practice one or more of these exercises daily, you begin to learn the structural functionality of the body to greater depth, this allows you also to see how not to release constriction or all the maladies presented above,but to also inflict them in an instant or acute way.


As in any learning process, it is not in the mental education, but the experienced education where success hides...if youread this and do not implement it, you are no better off.  If you profess to instruct it without the deep experiences and true education, then you hurt others.

"The true "Advancing Man" is experential."




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