The Final Target of Hohan Soken

Affects:  Fainting - Give severe pain to loin and abdomen portion by stimulation of shin bone and calf artery, and cause loss of motor organ.

Hohan Sokens Notes clearly traversed the entire body, using 44 targets his Kyusho Mapping as well as the descriptions were precise, articulate and rare among the Karate world's artifacts. However the more important and unique aspect was the detailed descriptions and accurate affects he also documented. This is rare among the Kyusho documents and scrolls so far uncovered and it was for this reason the decision to document the affects (tailored down in the case of the fatal targets), for modern legality concerns and safe use.

Now in the films we use only the anatomical targets that were described, however many of these were against the Arteries and of course some veins will also be affected as their close proximity makes it inevitable. Now this might be an unpopular concept, but those that have been vaccinated for covid 19 are at a high risk due to the blood clotting that most vaccines are causing with the spike protein and possibly the ingredients itself. Attacking the vascular structures or organs that are inflamed or have clotting, may cause serious injury.

Please stick to the nerve targets described in all 44 Kyusho Targets from's research and demonstrations of them.

More details on the clotting factor in the private extended sections below.

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