6 Ji Hands

6 Wind or Energy Hands

Are the primary weapon of the Small  Circle Jujitsu practitioner. The Hands are from the Ancient Bubishi but a part of many Chinese and Okinawan styles of combat.

Special forms were created just for these weapons like "Rokkishu" (6 Hands), a form from Goju called "Tensho" and in Okinawan Karate called Uechi Ryu, renamed from the Chinese name Pangainoon.  And there are more... in fact you see they are predominant in arts like Wing Chun, White Crane and even a Shotokan form called Unsu (雲手), literally "Cloud Hands", is the most advanced kata found in the style.

Professor Wally Jay (Pictured Top Right) was the founder of Small Circle Jujitsu and devised a process of small circular actions to place greater torque and efficiency into joint manipulation.  This is the exact small circular torquing actions of the 6 Ji Hands... as they add far more power as well as efficiently.

The torque works due to the "Fulcrum and Lever" (and Base for Joint Locks) of the arts core principles are the same actions delivered by the 6 Ji Hands.

The primary hand positions utilized in Small Circle Jujitsu are the "Iron Bone Hand", the "Single Blade of Grass Hand", "Blood Pool Hand" and the "Iron Sword Hand".
This a topic discussed occasionally with Professor Jay as they were correlated with both the striking and grappling actions of these hands, as well as their relation to Kyusho and Small Circle.

Not only do they add the fulcrum and lever (base applied in addition), of Professors Small Circle, they also transition seamlessly.  If you were ever privileged enough to witness Professors sticking control, you saw this principle in action.

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