20121109-215303.jpgApplied Knowledge

Skill is not achieved by knowledge or theories, it is only accomplished through applied and refined knowledge through experience.

So many believe that new information or mystical sounding information will increase their skills. So they set out to learn as many new ideas, gimmicks and exotic information as possible.

However in doing this they limit their skills by using their precious time seeking new as opposed to applying in stressful and demanding training.

I have seen thousands of such people that always believe more is better, but fail to understand that only more applied actions can give you real skills. People are easily bored these days and can not focus on simple method trained relentlessly with time, pain, adversity and severe pressure.

As pressure takes a lump of coal and converts it into a diamond, so too will pressure training develop the Kyusho skills realistically.

Would you rather follow a new Captain from the academy with book smarts onto the battlefield, or the combat hardened Sargent with years of real applied skill?

It is the same with Kyusho... A 2 hour class learning a new stance or color or elemental cycle is no comparison two two hours of fast paced spontaneous target acquisition under stressful and adrenalized training.

How many look at others training always new ideas with jealousy or envy, but fail to realize that it can not possibly surpass hard repetitive simple applicational training.

To be victorious and develop real skill, keep it simple , practice and train it hard.



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