Nerve strikes, what really happens?

In Hohan Sokens notes, there are always references such as:

Fainting: Because of nervous disorder with irritated cerebrum

Affects: Brow, rupture of sense and motor organs because of stimulation of brain nerves caused by shock of cerebrum.

When the nerve is struck correctly it causes an uncontrolled firing of neural signals, this is called an ectopic discharge. This refers to spasms of ongoing (spontaneous) electrical nerve impulses, or impulses generated upon stimulation, for which the discharge originates at any location other than the normal location. That is what is responsible for the radical body spasms seen in many Kyusho applications. The more input into the nervous system, the greater the feedback loop and ectopic discharge.

To learn the incredible science, and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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