Vital Points of Jyodan (Upper Row) and Spots to be attacked

Shofu:   Sides of Neck - Attack by Ken, Tettui, Dagger and Elbow

Affects:  Fatal - Because of severe change of blood circulation caused by the stimulation of Carotid artery and pneumogastric* nerve and loss of sense and motor organs.

A perennial favorite of Karateka and Kyushoka alike is one of the most powerful and devastating targets on the human body. Whereas the notes author write they attack with the fist, hammer fist, dagger and elbow, there are far more tools we can use to incapacitate or end the opponent. And as the other targets so far described in the notes, the use of the dagger has been best been accomplised by striking with the but end, this target however is easily attacked and fatal with either end.

Now this is also perfectly suited for modern use as well when you change the intended trajectory, so that we can easily incapacitate the opponent without fear of more serious injury. This allows us to train the target and accomplish real disabling affects without damage to our training partners. *Shown in the 3D anatomical study in the extended films.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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