Tibial Nerve

As Kyusho does not need power to create severe dysfunction in an opponent, smaller less detectable actions can cause great affect.

The Shin Entry is such an action which is powerful or devastating depending on the power and intensity you focus on the real target of the Tibial Nerve. This nerve runs in between the back of the shin bone and the muscles and tendons of the lower leg. This is not a kicking action as that would take too much time to counter attack during the attack. Instead this is more of a targeted stepping action, again a less detectable and defendable action.

The nerve runs the entire length of the lower leg, however the calf muscle may help protect the upper region due to its mass.So the lower ankle at the level of the Achilles tendon would be the better area of attack.

To attain the most devastating potential, the trajectory needed is....

For the full anatomical breakdown with proper target and trajectory.... and KO's


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