Three Atttack Methods

Serious as a Heart Attack

This attack, or actually 3 concurrent attacks, are all aimed against the heart... maybe also why Passai or Bassai means "Breaking Down the Fortress" (the Fortress being the protective rib structure). Actually it is possible, once the Kyusho attack vectors of the heart are known, to use each action in the Kata to damage or stop the heart. 

In this series of actions we first use a dropping elbow type of attack focused at the high chest level, followed by a sweeping hammer fist and then by the Morote Uke or double fist action. Using these at full power will make it impossible to land all three, however in our substantially lighter training applications, you can deliver all three with escalating affect.

One at a Time

The first action is the dropping elbow with a forward and downward trajectory. ..

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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