It Ain't just Martial folks

Here at our goal is in protection, of health, wellness, family, self and community.

Well we have another fight that is pressing far beyond our typical training and that is the fight of our economic future and therefore well being.

Luckily there is another community of like minded individuals that are helping to keep people informed and understand the crucial inevitability that comes our way.  This is (unless you are dead or zombified) the main topic of life today... and getting more urgent each day.

One fellow Kyusho practitioner working as the Wealth Watchman at:, has dedicated himself also to this fight.  He has done many outstanding articles and video that I also study for self protection... he has great depth of knowledge and research for us to learn from and understand in turn to protect our families.

I have been involved and commented on his blog as well as discussed a few things personally with him... so let's support him in his efforts!

Please go read, comment and become your family or community Watchman... you are training for that anyway right?

“Silver is the Pressure Point Knock-Out”

Most recent: 

For your education and future protection go check out his blog and maybe even post your own thoughts!




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