Blockchain Protection

The world around us is changing fast and if you are not prepared, you will be lost.

When the first computers were created and the internet born, people did not know what it was or if they had they laughed.  Now our very existence is based on the internet, with food, fuels, clothing, everything distributed with "Just In Time" delivery by internet, as well as all banking and finance, communications, etc., we are poised and already started on the worlds next reset.

What reset you ask.... EVERYTHING.

Society as a whole is beginning to see the position it has been corralled into, with restriction debt slavery. Society has already begun to awaken to the constant state of war, taxation, impoverishment and control. There is no privacy,they monitor and tax all you do, it is all scam and people now (finally) see it.

In Prior articles I wrote about how I am transitioning and Kyusho International into the future paradigms of Blockchain Technology and Fintech (Financial Technology).  We have gone through major resets before with people loosing most of their wealth and security during those transitions... but this time it will be fully global and completely disastrous for many.

So working with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain technology has already transformed my families personal protection against the coming financial crash.  Even though I have worked diligently to help people position themselves for this event, few have heeded.  But I have had a few people that have already benefited in a great way from listening, educating themselves and acting on that education.  So I thought I would share another...  As all here are on the social network, for fun, business, networking... as well as trying to keep up on our fields (Martial Arts, Health, Fitness, Protection), we must always look for new ones.  One of the more important aspects is trying to prepare ourselves for personal transitions of retirement and security.

What if there were a social network where you could keep up on the news that matters to you and yours, learn new things as well as network with great folks... and be entertained as most social networks do, and be paid? Steemit does this.

I have my own personal blog here of course, but I began a new blog with topics that are different (and some similar), in a way to educate myself on the globes transition to Crypto Currencies and Blockchain.  I started back in August 2016, so less than a year... with no money invested (it is free to join), the value of the blog is now in 5 figures (00,000) ... on a social network!!!!

But here is the best part, I have taken that earned value (still no money out of pocket) and re-invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Veritasium... all which will be the base of future business and internet.  So my wealth has escalated many fold... My Bitcoin is up over 1000% and my Ethereum is up over 3000%... and we are still in the early adopter stage of this reset.  Folks this is multiple 5 digit numbers in mere months, but the climb is getting faster and steeper as more businesses and people beginning to learn about this technology, that like it or not you will be participating in.  Just better sooner than later.

This is not to brag or boast, it is to awaken people (you) to the already in motion reset... and to get you thinking and educating yourself for this transition and protection from it.

One Caution... do not keep your Crypto online in an exchange, it is a short term "Exchange" not safe box... paper wallets are easy and highly transportable.

Additional Articles on my Steemit Blog.


Protection is Protection be it from a single foe or the folly of governments.


Special Affiliate Offer

Some of our affiliates and clients have and did use Bitcoin as a transfer of value with and Kyusho International... it is accepted fully.

Some can obtain it easier, some it is more difficult for... so for those having difficulty: offers to be a purchaser (for affiliates only at this time).  Once purchased and transferred, no government can stop them from receiving and working with them thereafter.

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