An Electric Kata

There are Katas and there are Profound Katas.

Sanchin as example is a profound Kata as it is fully complete, even in it's mapping of the Human Electrical System... to increase the efficiency in flow, control and balance... (in electrical potentials).

However Seisan is far more diverse and encompassing in the deploy-able energetic applications.  We are not talking about mystical and magical Chi or Ki, this is the actual electrical systems of the body.

If practiced in conjunction with Sanchin, you gain the Yang to the Yin or a balance in these potentials.


Our research has lead us to discovery on brain wave mapping, polarities and neuro-transmissions for the bio-electrical messaging of the body, nervous systems and brain.

This is profound in our opinion as it changes the Martial Arts Kata possibilities to an even greater level... the Seisan in particular extols the use of these potentials and maybe why it was and is so revered in so many styles.  This Kata helps the practitioner learn and utilize the actual Brain Waves in our body to gain maximum results in our Kyusho.

The very actions of the Kata map these.... (More in the extended blog)


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