Hohan Soken had many Kyusho Targets listed, some of which are Fatal, other were listed as Fainting (knockout or unconsciousness inducing). These targets are broken down into 3 main categories, Fatal, Fainting and Breaking.

Out of the 44 Kyusho Targets of Soken 20 are listed as Fatal 10 in the Jyudan or upper level, 9 in the Chudan or middle levels and 1 in the Kandan or lower level. 21 of the targets are listed as Fainiting, such as this target Seidon. The fainting occurs as Soken states from a loss of Motor Control and or, Breathing, Senses and stimulation of Brain Nerves or Cerebrum.

Fainting: Because of nervous disorder with irritated cerebrum

Affects:  rupture of sense and motor organs because of stimulation of brain nerves caused by shock of cerebrum.

This target need not be modified for modern application as it is only a fainting target as the affect. Therefore it is easier to training as the fear of serious injury is negated.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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