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Many people think that there are secrets to reveal, but are there really secrets, or just information a person does not want to reveal to others for specific reason? Or could it be an individual is not ready to learn at that stage in their development?

In Kyusho there really are no secrets (Medically speaking), it is simply long hard hours of research, with longer harder hours of experimentation and development into a usable combative application. Not techniques per say but the ability to use the anatomical information, garnered in time of need and duress in a spontaneous and adaptive way.

Those who have found new information do not quickly reveal it for many reasons:

First and foremost is field testing, you must verify it actually works on a large and diverse cross section if people. Then it must be taught to only a handful of trusted instructors to complete the same field tests to see if it can be taught and is just not one persons unique ability. Next is this phenomenon called the Internet which spreads information in seconds, but with this will come the inevitable flood of those who claim they know it and teach it already!

Then it must be ascertained at which level of skill is an individual given the shell of information as well as over time the real meanings or vital information and how it all relates to all other levels of study.

Unfortunately many now do not stay with a set curriculum as they think they know it, or want to be that "grandmaster". So they strike out on their own and begin teaching to their limitation. Over time this weakens future generations of Martial Enthusiasts (and why few knew or know Kyusho).

Kyusho was NEVER a secret, it has been written about and stated by many great historical instructors since they began keeping records. Ueshiba stated 80% of Aikido is Atemi, Funakoshi and many ither such ledgends wrote about it in their books, so it was never a secret. Those men and those today simply choose who hears or learns what information.

It is also why you have many people that all trained under one instructor, but working differently thinking they have the correct or full teachings, (much like what happened with Yip Man and all his personal students). Each of course claiming they knew the real secrets of the instructor, but were there actual secrets or did he work each to their own capacity or level of trust?

Maybe this is why the old masters did not divulge all they knew, as they knew it was not deserved or would it be trained correctly. This in time waters down the original value until its potential is muted.

Study of anything is a journey that should not have an end... As once the individual stops learning there is only regression... And once they think they have it all they begin to systematically weaken future generations of those training with them.

That is the real secret.