Buried in Plain Sight

As with any graveyard, many secrets were buried along with those inhabiting them.

The Martial Artists of ancient times also were buried with many secrets, but some buried them "In Plain Sight" before they died.  They did this in scrolls, manuals, documents and even Katas.

At Kyusho.com, we have shown you writings and documents from Masters of Old like in the Bubishi, Fujita's scroll on 23 Martial Schools, notes and videos of other Martial Masters, all using Kyusho in their Karate or other Martial Styles.

We have reported on these old Families and Masters, like Kojo-ryu, a style that was established in China around 1392.  And the transition of Chinese that came to the Ryukyu's named “Kume 36 families”.

Yes all this information was "Buried in Plain Sight" whereas the originators took most of their secrets of Kyusho and Dim Mak to their graves, they luckily left the keys for those willing to search and more so for those able to see.  Everyone has seen the documentation of Kyusho, but few can comprehend or work the method... some just pass it by as they never needed it to pass a belt test.

But it is all there... buried in plain sight, not in the graves.