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Entering, Clinch and Tackle Defense

Getting past the sparring range and into the fighting grappling and finishing range using the ancient tools of the Bubishi and Sanseiru is the topic for this third in a series courses. The ancient Kata Sanseiru, is still as viable today as it has been throughout the centuries for practical self protection.

Instructors Chip Quimby (Uechi Ryu) and Evan Pantazi (Kyusho) will be helping you in an open course for practical Self-Protection, using actions and techniques taken from Ancient Sanseiru Kata, joined with Kyusho it is a complete protection system that is easy to learn, practice and use.

This 2.5 hours of film, depicts the attributes of the Crane, Tiger and Dragon of the Uechi style to access the Kyusho targets while entering into a clinch and into tackling applications.

Free to our course attendees, Gold and Platinum Subscribers, only $39.00 for all others. Join prior to ordering the film and you will have instant access under "My Account" subcategory "Special Purchase Pages"

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Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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