Tegumi is a pre-arranged fighting drill, in this exercise, we will be doing it from standing wrestling or grappling. Although each action is a stand alone Kyusho technique or application, with Tool, Target and Trajectory, we're going to take it in the form of a Kata. We will teach and demonstrate the affects all the way through, from the beginning of the Kata all the way to the end. We are going to teach you many different Kyusho applications as well as teach you how to build a Tegumi or how to practice your forms, not only as a physical exercise, but a mental exercise you envision.

As a side benefit, when you also practice the separate Kyusho applications, when you do your form or Kata on your own, you will feel the person and the opponents dysfunction each time you practice it. By going through the techniques separately and in the Tegumi in a rapid succession, you're going to feel that opponent every time you're doing your Kata by yourself. Those movements in the Kata become totally automatic and you're targeting becomes automatic. If something fails in a real encounter, the fail safes you trained in the next movement of the Kata will then automatically occur.

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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