Sanchin Strike & Throw

Part 5 in a Continuing Series

In the Pangainoon (Uechi) Sanchin, we have nine of these strikes, We saw the Concussive application, then the Compressive application, we are going back to a concussive, but using a body target and following throw.

But before we describe and demonstrate this attack, let's step back into the parry type action in each of these strikes. For the hand coming across you have seen turning the head, it is directed at a nerve that comes right across the temple. It is the Templar branch of the Facial Nerve, that when attacked correctly causes unconsciousness. On the other side in the Sanchin Post position, lays or strikes into the Transverse Cervical Nerve just after the Templar branch is struck. This is an attack and conforms directly in the form. It does not negate any movement in the form it just adds another attack potential from this basic action. Everything in the Kata is and should be an attack, and every movement out of the Kata should be the next attack, so if you mess one up, you go to the next one until you defeat the opponent.

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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