Sanchin Kyusho Tegumi

Part 13 in a Continuing Series

Welcome to the 13th installment in the Sanchin Kyusho Tegumi. In this segment we linked up with the double fist thrust (a concussive White Crane application) to the Double Fist Compression (from the Black Tiger Compressive actions). As I've repeated in the film that you saw the last time, there is a duality a Yin and a Yang. 

Now these are dangerous as usual and I want you to use a lot of restraint when you start practicing as these techniques are dangerous they were designed to seriously wound and or extinguish the opponent. So when you do this, build up to it slowly and surely. Get the results, get the feeling, see the effects that it has on the body with light pressure and then you can start building up until you reach that point where you understand. Find for yourself where you stop because any any further will cause serious damage to the person's Anatomy, Physiology and of course Functionality. So you need to be cautious with this technique as it is a very powerful one. If you do hand conditioning and you do a lot of seizing actions, Giri Jars, digging into sand... or however you practice according to your art your style, but it's the seasoning grip that you want to develop for this technique. Just further be cautious as conditioning the hands may cause a bit of insensitivity on the fine line between incapacitation and damage.

The main target I used on ...

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