Boxing With Kyusho

As we watch Boxing matches we see many knockouts occur, with an eye for Kyusho, you can see the targets that were struck, the trajectory and the outcome (even with the gloves). But most of the KO's are from punches to the head and most people see that as the target and the KO as inevitable... discounting the numerous other punches to the opponents head that have no immediate affect. As they do not know or understand Kyusho, they have no base to understand why some punches work while others don't. You as a more educated individual do know, do see and do understand, but why so few targets on the body have the same affect, you may ask, well there are.

The Body Knockouts

Now there is one target (well maybe two, (but one mislabeled and misleading), that is seen occasionally with one other rarely... so let's understand them better.

The Liver Punch is the most notable as well as most widely targeted and landed/seen in the Boxing Ring. We have not only seen this many times, but also heard many fighters talk about its devastating affects. They range from the extreme pain, physical dysfunction, impaired sight, body cramping and collapse or even total unconsciousness.

The second most seen body knockouts is what they term as the Solar Plexus knockout. However when you watch all of them,they are not actually on the solar plexus, but on a specific target beside that designated area, but more on that in a later post.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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