Bubishi-Herb-TNNot Revival

Wednesdays Kyusho (Vital Point) for wellness.

For those new to Kyusho there are two terms often confused as the same in meaning, but are in fact vastly different in reality.  Revival and Restoration are two separate goals with one overall similarity and that is the Health and Wellness of the training partner.  Revival is when you must bring a person back from unconscious or altered conscious states, whereas Restoration is the balancing of the bodies functionality to normal condition.  These two aspects of healing (Health) and health maintenance (Wellness) were a large part of many ancient fighting manuals, scrolls and notes of Masters long gone.

Learning how to properly maintain the bodies function and condition is far more efficient than working to revive or restore its health.  Cultures, peoples and even soldiers from the past recognized this and adapted it to their lifestyles.  They use nature and what was around them to ward off the maladies of time and outside influence.  Now in modern time we have adopted a completely different process whereas we abuse our bodies in the attempts to rid the problems we may have incurred with drugs and man made concoctions that cause far more side affects and problems than help.

But the tide is turning and people from all over the world are seeking the natural ways to good health as they turn back to the ancient and natural ways.  The primary way is through our foods that nourish and help the body heal itself and maintain vitality.    These foods of old included many herbs and plants that had specific qualities toward this goal.  We see this within the ancient Bubishi (pictured here), an illustration where many herbs are described and categorized as the placement of plant is mapped on the parts of the body it helps maintain and or restore.  As example we see plants for the joints, vascular system,bowel regulation, breathing, eyesight and many other aspects of wellness.

Now being ancient book from a distant time and land, many of the herbs presented are not easily found or some even in existence in modern time.  And being that the true methods of the book are also lost to time, a modernization of it's contents warranted and presented as such.  Then too we must also modernize this Vital aspect of it's contents to coincide with that of the hurting.

To that end we will be releasing a modernized series of natural health possibilities (to coincide with our modernized training and actual abilities) using readily available  natural ingredients for you to understand the modern and gain greater appreciation of the ancient.

This is not meant to be medical advise or prescription, although is has and can be used in conjunction with our Kyusho Training.

Folks we do not need chemicals or pharmaceuticals for our health and recovery, we need to turn back to nature as the Bubishi has illustrated.

Kyusho.com is always dedicated to your full comphrehension and skill attainment of this amazing and universal body of knowledge.  So in conjunction with our Friday Kyusho Road Trip series, we now proudly offer the Wednesdays Kyusho (Vital Point) for wellness.