slum2Global societal breakdown is not coming.

We are living in it.

There have been several blogs that contain vital points of this aspect in real confrontation… there is no one element (see there folks I use that word), that defines or prepares, it is a dynamic and interlinked systematic training that helps one prepare.

Many adults do not realize that severe and life threatening possibilities exist for them, we have been brought up in the past few generations in a bubble… and have blinders on when it comes to real world and real human capabilities for animalistic behavior.

And we must also realize that sooner than later the world is going to get crazier and in a period of turmoil. Those still in their bubble watching propaganda TV, being programed for subservience and no intellectual creative capacity via our government run indoctrination (school) system, will most likely just run or freeze as they are now overloaded with real life.

We must de-program, become sovereign beings again and train for the possible, most likely inevitable breakdown is society, you can see it everyday. And this is not just from strangers, as stress levels increase around the world, friends turn on friends, your eyes must be open, not simply covering your eyes from actions of even those close to you.

This is not to become a paranoid, but to look beyond the facade and see what is really going on.

Here is a more personal story and training method I have used (as a base source for future trainings)… I bought low income housing units for investment and real training. Why and what has this got to do with this topic… if you are asking you need this… please understand I do not berate these people with the upcoming experiences, because I know I would be exactly the same in their positions… and actually have adopted many of their instincts and tactics.  They will survive, bubble dwellers may not.

"When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose - they lose it." (Gerald Celente)… they become more like instinctual survival animals as it becomes necessary. They will do and say anything, they are always aware of everything around them and prepared with experiential methods they have employed living in this type environment all their life.

If you walk into their neighborhood, they know, they watch, they size you up to see if you are predator or prey. When you walk past them, they are examining every stitch of clothing, every piece of jewelry, every move, every hand position, every bulge in your clothes that may be wallet or firearm or knife. They look at your face and into your eyes looking for confidence or fear… they know you do not belong and the message is sent through the whole neighborhood even without conversation.

When you go to collect rents, they watch your vehicle, where and how you park, what you are wearing, what time of day and month you schedule (you better not be that predictable where they know when you will be there, as you set your self up.. that is like a lure to them). You must have them always guessing even after they know who you are (they read late numbers and do checks), they must not know when you are coming, what direction you come from (this must be different each time), you must change vehicles.. you must become like they are.
Now comes the real part…not in public, but when you walk into their domain, their living space (even though you may own it, it is their territory, they have marked it… yes even exactly like an animal would at times). You need to look at who is out front you turn your back to, as you enter you need to see who is where, doing what, acting how.

When you knock on the door you need to be in a position opposite the door opening, if it is at the top of the stairs that strength or weakness must be realized. You need to be ready for anything from full nudity, rancid smells, drunk aggressiveness, edginess, multiple people, where and what their hands, feet, body position, breathing, eyes are doing at all times. You must be prepared to deal with physical intimidation, suck'em in type compliance and so many other variables, be it with empty hand or time to deploy your firearm (by the way even though you may be trained and the meanest, baddest, best martial artist in the world, if you ain't packing your stupid… they always are, gun, knife weapon or kitchen, chair, bottles nearby (usually there is ne in hand)). This is just rent collection, think about eviction… one time I rented a place to a person, eventually they had 14 living their… 14 to one, trying to get them out… think about it,did you have a plan???
Does that big, drunk, angry dangerous guy have 3 babies behind that door?

Now if and when you make it out of there with a pocket full of cash (they don't pay by check that often and to take one means you are a bonehead fool), everyone knows… they do not need to know how much, they know because they pay rent (occasionally), but even a one, a five, aten…it is more than they have now. Are you looking at your vehicle… did they flatten the tires (if so if you walk there you are toast, if they flattened your tires they have also planned your ambush). What was your secondary or tertiary escape plan (what didn't have one… now you are in a fight or flight position).  By the way I got rid of properties where gang violence began... yes I used flight instead of fight away from that, I got rid of one where the police could not even control the tenants... yes flight again, as Kenny Rogers sang, "Know when to hold and know when to fold". ("The Gambler" is a song written by Don Schlitz)

So this brief trip into landlord lane was to help you see a few sides (it ain't black or white, it is not 2D, 3D, or even 4D, you must be in full 5D). You must be prepared to do both, both run and also to fight… to be ready, willing and able to use any will give you a far better chance. There is no one correct answer as even one individuals position could change an easy win into a severe loss.
It is not cowardice to strategically retreat, or appear to be. If you run, it may not be fully away, it may be a flight to safer ground for advantage and ultimate escape from the problem. Or you may have to fight your way with whatever you can to gain advantage or escape.

You must first realize which you naturally do and then train for both, you must not hide from reality, you must be prepared for the worst and employ many tools and you must practice them daily. That is why I post as I do on Facebook, why the topics on the blog are posted, why the training sessions must be geared to certain aspects not just technique or Kata or Points (you can not pin point a real life problem in a set way, you must be able to see all weak areas spontaneously) and be able to use it or sense that it would put you at risk to try for it.
Sorry I could go on for a long time on this… there is no cut and dry answer, no sterile dojo answer no matter how long the instructors belt or how many degrees it has.

These are some training ideas, awarenesses and topics that relate with more to come…do not take anything at face value,they are all pieces of the same blanket.

Situational Awareness
Normalcy Bias
Vanishing Points
Violence Centers

There are so many more pertinent topics as well, but read not just for face value, but also between the lines.

Now don't stop just with this reply… if you want to learn, then open a real and long thoughtful discussion… all of you lest you become just a spectator in the game of life and upcoming societal breakdown (no it's not coming, we are living in it now).  Check ou this forum discussion for more:




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