Life is...

a progression and must remain so as not to stagnate or regress.

Our Kyusho knowledge, skills, use and dissemination must flow this natural law or stagnate into worthlessness.

To do this we must always research and look beyond our current understandings and accomplishments, progressing to ever clearer and comprehensive levels.

We need to consistently increase demands on our current physical and mental skills, rising to greater challenges and spontaneous stresses that would stifle our progression and growth.

We need to widen our horizons and expand it to all paradigms as well as envision and develop new methods, sciences, arts and processes.

And we need to disseminate this information, these skills and spirit into those looking for better answers and ways. It is this factor that is the most crucial of all as without instilling these principles into more and more people stagnation and decline are eminent. We need this principle to drive future generations on the escalating path so that in turn they can discover, create and again perpetuate a state of continuous progression.

We must also break from old paradigms, especially those that have been proven ineffectual or flawed. However we can never negate this historical base upon which we build as without this we are hollow theorists. By using our historical roots, we can verify, improve , reprocess, building stronger structures as the cornerstones garner strength and support with increased weight.

One last factor to consider is simplicity, nature seems complex, but when we get to the core or "Vital Points" of it, there is a simplicity. Modern man constantly drives toward the complex invention, in contrast to natural laws of simplicity and evolution.



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