Kyusho has been demonstrated in modern movies, but far more subtly than they were in the old Kung Fu theater days.

The popular actors of today are depicting Kyusho in their films and actually adding more realistic application than the old Jackie Chan films.

Even Master Po from the Kung Fu series... Or who can forget the old man pinning down the actor Gangin in the movie Shogun?

We have seen Spock, Rocky, Niko (Segal) and countless others perform these in blockbuster movies and TV series, yet most Martial Artists dismiss them as fiction.

Well just recently I saw Jack Reacher on a flight to teach Kyusho in Prague. I saw a move and target that was debuted in one of the Rocky series by Sylvester Stallone as well. But not only was it used more than once by Tom Cruise, it is also a move from Kata Kusanku!

Here is one ofthe clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcbximLcoyo

I will not say what the Kyusho move was, but open it to you instead.... To see how many you folks can come up with. So: What Kyusho application do you remember what actor performing in what movie?