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Each of us has it

No matter what set style we study, create our own personal system.

As we can never duplicate another's actions, intent, timing etc., nor can we respond as another. This means that each of us create our own personal style...our own abilities, thoughts, physiological processes are completely unique.  This is the secret that many instructors do not want you to know.

Even if you practice a traditional Kata, form or Kuen that has been passed down for centuries, you are unique in it.  You can never duplicate the action or process exactly,nor should you try you have so much individual worth to add to it... you are the artist free to express yourself within it.

This is why the Kyusho curriculum is only a base of guidelines, it is not a regimented or technique based model.  We have no set style as it can be equally applied to striking, grabbing, pushing, guiding, kicking and all other physical manifestations in the martial sense as well as health, intimacy and other domains.

Your task is to learn in a slow step by step fashion keeping only what works for you and not trying to work what does not adapt to you personally.  So often people want it all, they want to do everything possible with Kyusho, but to what benefit?  With all that is possible, this lack of focused personal growth will only create a mediocre skill within yourself... why not instead understand you will be learning Kyusho the rest of your life and to enjoy it rather than stuff a vast amount of unusable knowledge (vastly different from actual skill), in your head.

As an example of this what is most beneficial when you attend a class or course is to learn only one thing that fits your personal direction and style, then merely enjoy the rest of the course and not worry about memorizing, or adopting all of it.  What ever you find that is the one beneficial new skill, use the rest of that course or class to compare and relate to the one adopted thing.  This gives you that focus, it strengthens your personal skills and style as well as helps you see how all the rest only show you more about your one thing.

In the end, do not try to duplicate what others do, be yourself, be original, develop you and your personal style... (in Kyusho and out), we will all benefit.




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