10387207_469602676475483_5492235646413712259_nYour Private Lesson

A one hour personal consulting service on anything Kyusho.

These are 1 hour personal Skype conversations with Evan Pantazi that will be catered to your interests as they relate to ANYTHING within the diverse range of topics covered at www.kyusho.com, DVD's, Interviews or Past Courses... or even how to set up or host a course.


Suggested topics include:

- Martial Applications
- Kata Applications
- Health and Wellness
- Real Use Cases
- Energy Development
- Intimacy Applications
- Businesss Coaching
- Instructional Coaching
- Personal Protection
- Financial Diversity Protection

...or anything else related to Kyusho you want to discuss!

These will be interactive discussions where you can get clarification on topics, ask deeper questions or even argue conflicting opinions! Given the nature of some of these topics the material these chats should be very entertaining.  (The Skype Call will be placed and you may have as many people listening or participating on the call as you wish).... split the costs with your group.


How to proceed:

1) Roadside Chats will be held for hour (Sorry English Language Only).

2) Submit a list of topics.

3) Submit the payment by either BitCoin (save money), or by PayPal.

4) Once notified of a payment receipt, you will be emailed to set up a convenient time to have the call that works for both parties.


The price of this service is the following:

.30 Bitcoin sent to this address (as of 4-4-16:  126.72):



$150.00 USD

This could even be a Study Group Session, to view and refine your training, no limits to the format or what YOU can accomplish!