Last Friday I released a disection of some Taika Oyata knockouts using Kyusho.

The video was 14 Oyata Knockouts with the targets, tools and trajectories used to amazing affect.

Now I realize that many people are not subscribers to my YouTube channel, or Platinum SUbscription where they get the full filmsof demonstrations and deeper information. So While traveling overseas this weekend, I thought to add a free target per week on the channel...

I urge you to go subscribe for free as each Wednesday for 14 weeks, I will add an Anatomically Disected target with comment on the tools and trajectories Oyata Sensei used in the 14 knockouts.

While you are there, check out over 3000 videos on Kyusho!

I will add some footage from the course For our Platinum, YouTube and Patreon members next week, with some special uploads for YouTube extended video members!

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