OS-1In Kyusho???

Yes in Kyusho, we open source at Kyusho International always have... we are decentralized just like the Blockchain (if you do not know what it is, you will be living it within 5 years)

You see as many just work to replicate, duplicate or just plain mimic, we prefer to innovate, challenge and advance.  With various hubs of skill and varying influences working on a central core, yet in personalized methodology, there is no stopping the growth and adoption.

Out educational structure is designed to bring together Martial Arts, Science and Medical professionals together to research, validate and then again advance on innovations proven from experience.  Additionally sciences of Health, Energy Development and many other specialized programs are integral and influential in all other aspects making this a true innovative educational force for humanity.

One of our main tenants is that our Certifying Level Instructors are known as developers.  They first concentrate on developing a group of people to train with to develop skills and instructional abilities with people of many various Martial Arts.  Then they work to develop drills and training processes that empower all in the group as they cross train with the BitCore being Kyusho.   Next they develop future instructors to keep innovating and improving the delivery apparatus while maintaining the Vital Core of Kyusho.


When we gather at the International Kyusho Convention (coming up to our 16th annual Convention - Weimar Germany), all instructors are scheduled to instruct these innovations in training.

This allows all other attendees and instructors exponential growth, motivation and networking advantages.


We never mimic other Kyusho groups with logos, products, and especially the incorrect paradigms, of TCM, Meridians, Cycles and even Pressure Points, instead we are compelled to work with true anatomical structures, Doctors, Scientists and through gruelling hours of actual application.

We are not stuck in the methods of old, or even the Kyusho of the 1980's as others are, we are dedicated to advancement for the future and reality... always will be.


Kyusho International is the BlockChain, Kyusho is the core element.



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