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This is a recording I did on Skype a while back with a number of participants from around the world. It was recorded in the 2020s and of course the pandemic closed training halls globally. The Video call was a good method (still is), for people to learn without the travel. These gentlemen decided to join a topic that was on this video group call. The conversation with them was primarily on the Iron Bone Hand and its applications.

The applications of the Iron Bone Hand are incredible as there's so many ways you can manipulate and use them. You can apply them in stand-up striking, you could use it in clinched fighting, you can use it in ground grappling, you can use it in many different self-defense and Tuite applications. It is universal and it's a very flexible tool to use in both positive and negative applications. As example you can use this tool as a concussive or compressive device using the proper hand itself. Or in the making of the hand the reverse gripping and ripping applications (where you're clenching with the thumb across maybe the windpipe or an artery or into muscle tissue), will cause pain, dysfunction and neurological setbacks for your opponent.

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See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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