So you found Kyusho and you are blown away by what you missed or were not taught all these years.  Your brain is ablaze with the "Discovery", the magnitude, the simplicity and the not to common, 'Common Sense".  At first you are amazed, then a bit angry (not knowing about this), then you are depressed as you feel you are behind the learning curve (all natural and many before you have experienced).

However it is this next phase you must be most careful on... will you develop your skills or just give up as it is too much to learn or re-learn?  This is where most people try to duplicate something, find it was not as easy as it looked on YouTube, and give up... defeated, a shame and rather disparaging a Martial Artist would give up so easily.  It is only a hand full that can or will commit to learning more, learning the anatomy r physiology over only physical movement and technique.  So if you have the fortitude to see it through, Bravo you are a rare breed that always seeks more and better to pass on to others.

Next critical phase is working correctly so you do not loose current students or training partners.  They may not have had your same OMG moment and are not up to the same goals and rewards as you are.  Maybe they will not endure the vastly different feel of working it as they become unhinged over the affects.

We know there is a lot to think about, there are vast upside potentials as well that are worth the efforts, bit also a few pitfalls to be aware of and avoid.  It is not just learning Kyusho that should be a concern or passion, it is helping others so that the knowledge does not disappear again and many more find themselves in the position you found yourself.

Kyusho.com has been dedicated to helping those that found Kyusho and had their personal OMG moment.  We have experienced the joys, pains, difficulties and have emerged far stronger and more of an assets to our families, friends, students and training partners that you can as well.

We are here to help, feel free to comment below or contact us here.

To you future and to those you help.



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