passion_rules1Uncontrolled Passion...

for the Martial Arts....  it is what we all experience, we want to know all about them, the history, the styles, the new advancements and ways of old the mystical qualities that revered people of the past arts were told to possess.

It is Art, it is Physical Expression, it is Soul, it is Creativity, Empowerment:

Everything begins with a thought, manifests through an expression of that thought (Art) and then into tangible form, visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory (smell), Gustatory (taste) and the ever present 6th sense of knowing or intuition.

So this art called Kyusho why does it impassion so many people? 

Let's look at what is involved... it is the 6 Senses and the 6 emotions all in one roller coaster of a ride learning the human anatomy, function, mentality and spiritual essence.

When battling in spontaneous and stressful environment we call to the forefront our vision in looking for an elusive target, we hear the striking of various parts of the body or even a body hitting the floor, a grunt a yelp or even a laugh (strange as that may sound), we feel the touch ,compression r concussion in both the giving as well as the receiving mode, we smell the sweat of struggle in the tight confines of it, we taste the bitter failure and the sweet success (and yes even real taste occasionally of metal, blood, sweat or bile).

We go through the gambit of the emotions; being sad we did not train this earlier or that we are somehow behind everyone else, angry that we are struggling to learn it (because it we think we deserve to know it already), scared to feel it or that fear when you have success and then hope that the revival works and you did not injure the person as the dropped lifeless to the floor or appear to have been electrocuted, the swash of empathy for the training partner you succeeded on that was there to help you but know lies on the floor, excited that it actually works... and it happened when you were not thinking about it and your training just took over, happy that all the past struggles, fears, jealousies, impatience and all of the senses and emotions all crash together.

Art is a living experience and the more senses and emotions that come together in a specific moment the greater the fulfillment... this is passion and why we train Martial Arts.

But there is even more in Kyusho... you learn greater empowerment by learning the inner workings and being of the human anatomy, you learn how to mitigate pain and dysfunction from our friends and family, you learn how to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual energy not simply for your personal betterment but for all others you share with.  You learn how to be more feeling and beneficial to your loved ones be it intimate or empathetic...

in short... you develop further intuition into the vital point of life.