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Nina Schwarzová and several others were attending a Kyusho Summer Camp under the direction of Marek Alexander Kowalski from Czech Republic. The camps goal was quick self defense using Kyusho rather than the myriad of typical choke, wrist grab, mugging type techniques to break free. They concentrate more on stopping the assault in a more pre-emptive manner, as Kyusho works best this way. 

Again typical self defense will show a participant how to use a complex method to break free of a grip already placed on by the assailant. This makes it difficult if the assailant is larger, stronger, younger and crazy. Using Kyusho we train to pre-empt the attack by attacking the attacker as they themselves attack. This mentally thwarts the assailants attempt, as most people act defensively instead of proactively. Physically it thwarts the attacker because an opponent is weakest at their moment of attack with surprise and no recourse to defend themselves due to their mental intent and goals.

Nina was instructed in the 3 main principles of Kyusho being Tools, Targets and Trajectories. The assaults were spontaneous as she had to protect with these learned  principles, but not in set technique or defensive mindset. We see her ambition and principles still need refinement, but a great start for a Summer Camp venue. In fact we see the assailant is neurologically stopped and temporarily stunned, enough for Nina to have escalated or escaped. There was no shock for her, just a winners mentality of all ahead full, giving her the advantage instead of the assailant.

Let's look at the Tools, Targets and Trajectories she used and how she could refine them. Please understand that Nina did a terrific job, she shut down the attackers momentum each time with an impedance to the assailants motor function. just look at her body action, look at her tenacity and precision from a single summer camp, truly great work from her instructor Marek and of course No holds barred Nina! She Nailed It!

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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