Energy Development

I have been studying energy work for 35+  years and relating it to quantum physics for over ten years... they are inseperable in my opinion.

Using Kyusho as the common denominator (and vital point in all) I have separated my studies into different phases:

  • Martial
  • Health
  • Intimacy
  • Organization
  • Energy

Now it is time for another phase and desperately needed... Energy (not just human energy, but quantum physics correleations).

An excerpt from my second book on the subject (2005):

Body Electricity

To study Kyusho effectively one must also understand that the body is an electrical system of sorts.  This includes the brain as the electrical source, the spine as a circuit breaker and the peripheral nerves as a wiring schematic.  As the brain produces an electrical stimulus it is sent into the spinal nerves and then onto the specific peripheral nerves.  This produces the stimulus to initiate not only muscle tension but also the functionality of the internal life support of the organs themselves.

In order for the positive charge to be effective it must also have a negative as opposite polarities attract and like polarities repel.  This can easily be demonstrated by holding two magnets together in a specific way.  If you hold the two negative, or the two positive ends together they will form an electrical field between them and actually repel each other.  Whereas if you hold a positive charged end to a negatively charged end they attract and pull together, forming a completed link.

and this....

With the understanding of what Chi, Ki, Prana, etc. is, we now turn our attention to how it fits in to Martial Arts, Healing, Health Maintenance and other various applications in life.  As we are able to feel the electromagnetic field and also attach and attract other peoples magnetic field we are ready to discuss how to move it first within ourselves and then in other people.

Looking at ourselves as just a conduit of natural forces, we are a continually alternating with positive and negative electrical forces.  The Sun and atmosphere rains down positive energy as it seeks the negative pull of the earth.  The earth in turn absorbs this energy as it moves toward its core… where the negative electrical energy generated now emanates outward away from this core, the excess spewing from the two poles of north and south.  Just as the earth itself, we are a constant flux of positive and negative qualities, absorbing and emitting energy and electromagnetic fields from the poles north and south as well.

This next phase has been developed and refined now ready to release... more to follow.



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