This is not a new program, but so far it was only ever released in English... now it is finally available in; English, Español, Italiano, Français


The "Kyusho Tactical Control Program" (KTCP), was designed for Subject control escalation with Legal, Medical and Tactical Deployment research, field-testing and coordination. The scope of this program is for use by but not limited to, Law Enforcement, Security, Emergency Medical or Response, Coast Guard, Military, Governmental Agencies, Body Guards and Personal Security. This Basic Module is comprised of one set of 12 primary targets and integrated into 4 modules of escalating force restraint continuums. There are several weak structures in the human body that can be utilized by an Agent to simply gain control of a perpetrator more efficiently than conventional use of force methods. This would be in the protocol should a situation escalate past the verbal command stage. These Kyusho (Vital) points are where the Agent can make use of internal systems of physical control such as, Nerves, Tendon Structure and natural Nerve Reflexes of the body. Not requiring heavy force Fine or complex motor control or even sight… all of which is subject to failure and loss in high adrenaline states. This information is dedicated to the Brave and Resilient Members of these Agencies around the world… Thank you for what you do!
- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français

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KTCP-1-TNIn 2008, we publicly released the book on Kyusho in use for Law Enforcement; the program is called the Kyusho Tactical Control Program (KTCP) and it is in use in many countries and agencies around the world. This was just the first of 4 modules that escalated in urgency and stress, yet it proved highly effective and proven.

We have City and State Police, Sheriffs, Federal Agents, SWAT teams, Narcotics Agents, High Security Prison Guards, Body Guards, Doormen, Emergency Personnel from Doctors, Nurses and EMT units and so many more all successfully employing the simple and effective control system.

Now “Pressure Point” systems have been trained by field agents for many years, so what is it about the KTCP that is above and beyond these older training programs? Well there are many answers, but mostly we do not look at it as “pressure points”, rather we look at the underlying anatomical structures of the body and the most simple and effective application of leverage on them. For example we do not look at trying to push a pain point for compliance (yes most do cause pain but not our goal), we instead focus on compressing a nerve that causes reflexive neurological actions, reactions and weakening of the body. This weakening then allows the agent to more easily apply their jurisdictions approved techniques more easily.

Kyusho Tactical Control Program Module 1

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