We are all taught in strict confines of remember and repeat processes that actually do not represent real learning.

Yes it worked in school for you to get a grade and pass out of that "System" and into the real world... where it was completely different.

We must be educated to see for ourselves, learn from our experiences as well as those of others... this is the mark of great thinkers, not the repeating of memorized details. Great minds like Einstein, Tesla, Edison, Galileo and so many others, did not rely on repeating others ideas, but rather challenging them.

So it is with even our most ingrained beliefs of our planets revolving around the sun that we were taught and blindly accepted as truth... until recently when another great mind (or minds) have discovered the true dynamics of our helical universe and it's motion.

So it is also with Kyusho and most educators of it, they drive you to memorize theories and other extraneous information that only serves as the traditional means of education that are so outdated and static.

Kyusho should be a free thinking and a moving dynamic, always unique to the situation as well as practitioner. And as such; our learning and teaching of this body of information must be just as dynamic, not just a memorization or technique based experience. You can not simply hear or see something stated or performed and truly understand it, let alone actualize it, nor can you just seek to improve yourself and think you will excel exponentially or dynamically.  No, you must train dynamically and uniquely to your natural physical, mental and spiritual aptitude, you must learn you and you must learn the more "Vital Point" of this dynamic process (there is also one more key component not listed here)!

That also is why utilizing the dynamic Kyusho curriculum propels people to far greater skill, far faster and with far more affect than other training methods... it allows the individual to progress and increase their own dynamics to a far greater degree.

Kyusho International updated their already preeminent educational process to the new reality of  "Dynamic Kyusho Training".  The old process had proven itself as the best Kyusho educational system in the world, but now it has taken an even greater step forward and once again is proving to be the very best training system for Kyusho.  This process is many fold in that it not only increases your skills and ability, but propels you to new realities and new dimensional (the dimensional aspects are unique to Kyusho International's exclusive new training) methods.

Free yourself from old concepts and educational memorization processes and "Experience" this new Dynamic.... become an affiliated practitioner and move exponentially through the New Reality!



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