One of the best benefits of Kyusho has been the completely open cross training of Martial Arts styles, Law Enforcement & Security, as well as all factions of Non Preparatory types of people.

This has given Self Protection it's greatest growth cycle ever as everyone from MMA to Tai Chi come together to train. It used to be that you trained only one style and kept it closely guarded. When Bruce Lee first opened the door with a few others but still uncommon.

Now that there is the common goal of anatomical study inherent in Kyusho, the barriers have finally been completely shed. This not only allows us the benefits of Kyusho itself, but also a better understanding of all martial arts.

An individual that only trains in a single style will not reach the heights they could if they trained with all forms of Martial Arts as they will not be accustomed or even aware of the variety of movement or strategy.

So far we have been discussing cross training not networking as the title of this piece would suggest. However within the skin of cross training lies a vital point, that is networking. This is meeting new people and developing an ever widening range of influence and possibilities that will also increase your skills.

Also by networking (especially in specific forums such as seminars or conventions), we can talk with people of diverse backgrounds and their personal reasons for the study as well as how they first found Kyusho. This knowledge, along with friendships on an international scale will considerably increase your personal, professional and human potentials.

We are now at the 2012 International Kyusho Convention where Kyusho stylists from 20 countries (and Kyusho organizations) are assembling to share and kindle relationships and increase our possibilities. If you missed this years event plan for next year... Yes start now. It is always the first weekend in November.

We will be thinking of all of you that missed this year and hoping you can join us next year.

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