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Many people in Kyusho have now understood that real Kyusho is anatomical structure attacks such as Blood, Nerve, Muscle, Tendon, Bone and Organ.  However as you advance in your understanding and skill you must also be able to use these structures to affect yet more.

In this video (excerpt from the "Black Tiger Blood Attacks of Seiunchin"), you see a nerve attack affect the Blood System through an Organ.  This level of complexity in scope is of course devastating to the recipient as you can see in the video,but the complexity is based on simplicity of action once the method is understood and the skill obtained.

The revivals of these complex methods is also higher in complexity, demanding far higher knowledge, skill and especially intuitive deduction training.  Many will pass this off as unnecessary, due to prior use case with far less intrusive yet similar looking affects, yet this stands as a strict warning that it is not what it seems.  This demonstration as example is on the border of restorative action and is as such very dangerous actions upon another.  It was filmed as a historical record with all parties understanding the implications, mechanics and inherent risks.

Such is the method of the Black Tiger, with Black signifying the dark possibility and or probability involved.  The entire video of the Black Tiger Blood Attacks of Seiunchin, is at this same level (some methods even greater affect and stress on vital functions), does not take into account the aftermath affects, nor does it portray the full scope of residual complications induced.  These were kept off camera, due to personal privacy concern as well as other ramifications.

This film has now been released only to our platinum subscribers after much trepidation and delay.  It is not lightly that we release it as the profound implications or probability were a ethical decision, weighing the historical record over inherent dangers.  As such we urge our subscribers to view this only as such, historical record and not as a training process... with the disclaimer, that it is not documented as a training film, but as only a historical document so that the Art may survive in Archive for future generations.

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