Sean O'Malley vs Aljamain Sterling

Today I'm going to go over a question that was posed in the Forum on by a Platinum Subscriber Danny. Now Danny was wondering and asking if I could detail or make a video about this bantamweight fight that was just between two fighters, Sean O'Malley and Sterling, I forget his first name but Sterling got knocked out by O'Malley in the first round with a shot right to the Infra-orbital nerve.

The Infra-Orbital nerve of course is right into this portion of the nose. It's on both sides and you have the nerve coming out, but it comes down into the tooth region, up into the nasal region, up into the eye region and of course there's a myriad of nerve endings and extra nerves that are not on the anatomical drawing that I'm going to do in the extended video.

Anyway he asked about the strike going straight in and knocking them out and how that would get the affect, and what happened. Also asked, how come more people don't use that attack. My answer to him is a a lot of people in Wing Chun have that proper fist, it's not a completely vertical fist, it's slightly tilted so as they're coming in it catches that crease right up underneath so that you can catch the Infra-Orbital nerve.

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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