Restoring Normal Function

When we have long Kyusho training sessions, with high dynamics or curriculum testing, the participants get become out of sorts, or neurologically imbalanced. As you're nerves are targeted with high stress application and results, the nerve can become temporarily over active. This can lead to immediate or latent side affects such as headaches, nausea, anxiousness, insomnia and many other ramifications. These can be addressed individually for more immediate results, however it is better advised to also perform an after training Nerve Balancing process.

Surprisingly the process is quick, but more so that it also remedies other physiological functional issues as well. That and the possible latency in affects makes it prudent that all practitioners learn to deliver as well as receive this process at the end of each session. It also relaxes the muscles which in turn promotes greater flow of all fluids from blood to lymph and all as it reduces localized pains from the concussive or compressive Kyusho Attacks. It is so effective that we apply this short health massage at the end of all training sessions.

Even if you have not trained in Kyusho for the day, it is highly relaxing and beneficial for long term health and many more isolated or accute physiological issues. This concise process was created by Kyusho International Vice President, Gary Rooks and has stood the test of time and many a hard training sessions.


After a rigorous training in Kyusho, one can feel disoriented, fatigued, experiencing local pain, headaches, nausea, cramping, labored breathing and have a difficult time sleeping that evening. As this nerve massage and balancing method is applied, the recipient will realize instant pain relief, deep relaxation, diminished or remedied residual health affects. It also allows the now neurologically relaxed practitioner to sleep deeply. This is not only important to further relieve affects (as the body heals itself during sleep), but it also allows the practitioner to train a second or third day with alertness and stamina. The deep sleep also allows the brain and body to better assimilate the training methods,

Nerve Balancing Method

We start with the practitioner laying face down with the technician of the method standing directly over them to apply the first set of nerve manipulations.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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